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Sex Male
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Office Room: SK274 Imadegawa Campus
Tel No 075-251-3807
Fax No 075-251-3091
EMail Addr Public

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(International Organizations)
1991-2002 UNDP Tokyo Office 
2002-03 United Nations Mission in East Timor, Special Assistant to Special Deputy UN Secretary-General
2005 UN Electoral Support Unit in Palestine, West Bank Area Manager
2006 UNDP Parestine Support Program, West Bank Area Manager
2003-07 World Bank Jakarta

(Academic Institutions outside Japan)
2000-03 University of the Philippines, Los Banos
(Institute of Development Management and Governance)
2003-05 Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia
(Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution)
2005-present Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia
(Graduate School of Political Science)
2004-06 Hong Kong City University
(Postgraduate Program of Corruption Studies)
2005-2010 University of Paramadina, Indonesia

(Academic Institutions in Japan: part time lecture, visiting professor)
Tokyo University for Foreign Studies (2006)
Kansei Gakuin University (2006)
Kyoto Women's University (2011-)

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Governance in Developing Countries



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