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Name KATAGIRI Shigeru
Sex Male
Birth Day 1953-11-03
Tel No 0774-65-7567
Fax No 0774-65-6801
EMail Addr Public

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Research History

1982-1988: Research on rule-based spech recognition
1989- Present: Research on discriminative training including the development of Minimum Classification Error/Generalized Probabilistic Descent method


1982-1986: Researcher, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Electrical Communication Laboratories
1986-1992: Senior Researcher, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) 
1989-1990: Visiting Researcher, AT&T Bell Laboratories
1992-1997: Supervisor, ATR 
1997-1999: Dept. Head, ATR
1999-2000: Group Leader, NTT Communication Science Laboratories (CS Labs)
2000-2003: Executive Director, NTT CS Labs
2003-2005: Deputy Director, NTT CS Labs
2005-2006: Director, NTT CS Labs
2006-Present: Professor, Doshisha University

1998-2004: Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
2001-2004: Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Engieering, Nagoya University
2004-2006: Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Doshsiha University

2006-2008: Research Professor, NTT CS Labs
2013-Present: Visiting Researcher (Vice Director), Neural Information Analysis Laboratories, ATR

Research Keywords

Machine Learning, Co-Creation Informatics

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