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Name KITA Toshiro
Sex Male
Birth Day 1952-01-01
Office Room: KMB310 Imadegawa Campus
Tel No 075-251-3833
Fax No
EMail Addr Public

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Research History

1976 Joining NTT

1976-1987  Engaged in the head/disk interface design of magnetic storage disk systems as a research engineer and senior research engineer

1989-1991 Engaged in Autonomous Robotics Research

1993-1997 Engaged in Visual Communinaction R&D 

1999-2001 Engaged in the  basic research of Communication Science.

2004-present Professor of Doshisha Business School.Teaching and studying the Internet Business Strategy, Project Management and IT Management.



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Research Keywords

Information Technology, Business Strategy, e-Japan, Juki-net, Smart card

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