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Name OKAMOTO Yumiko
Sex Female
Birth Day
Office Room: KS229 Imadegawa Campus
Tel No 075-251-3503
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EMail Addr Public

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Research History

1999-2000 Japan's development model of the machinery-parts industry and its applicability to ASEAN countries (Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research)
2001-2002  Impacts of FDI on the productivity using micro data (Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research)
2003-2004  Location Choice of the multinational firms (Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research)
2005-2006  Mechanism in which industrial clusters are formed and developed and the role of government in it (Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research)
2007-2008 Theoretical and Empirical Studieson Asian Science-based Industrial Clusters (Grant-in Aid Scientific Research)
2009 Lessons to Learn from Europe in Promoting Science-based Industries (Japan Securities' Research Promotion Foundation)
2011-2012 Reconsideration of the Theory of the Systems of Innovation through the Comparative Study on Biotech Industries in Japan, US and UK
(Financed by the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Science in the 21st Century)


1990 Engineering Consulting Firms Association of Japan  Research Associate
1991-1994  Institute of Developing Economies  Researcher
1995-1999  Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kobe University, Associate Professor
1996-1997 Graduate School of International Economics and Finance, Brandise University, Visiting Associate Professor
1999-2003  Graduate School of International Development Studies, Nagoya University, Associate Professor
2004-Present  Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University, Professor
2004(August) La Plata National University in Argentina, Visiting Professor
2005 (August) Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad de Chile, Visiting Professor
2006 (September) Department of Economics, Nanjing Audit University, Visiting Professor
2009(April - August)  Gothenburg University in Sweden, Visiting Researcher
2009 (September) - 2010 (March) SPRU, University of Sussex (Visiting Fellow)

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Research Keywords

Globalization.Innovation. Clusering. Science-based Industries.

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